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Hi! I am a PhD student at the Department of Political Science at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My current research mainly focuses on international relations of South Asia, political communication, text as data, and natural language processing.

Previously, at the University of Chicago, I was honored to work with Prof. Tyler Williams on the political economy of the mass production and circulation of Ibn-e-Safi's crime novels and the publishing industries in Pakistan and India, and the paper is available here. In my early projects, I worked on the social and political situations of Tibetan Catholics and conducted ethnography along the Yunnan-Tibet border in China under the supervision of Prof. Theodore Pulcini.

I graduated with a BA (Hons.) in Political Science and Religion from Dickinson College, whose commitment to liberal arts education has forever urged me to find a balance between humanities and sciences. I also hold a MTS in Religion and the Social Sciences from Harvard University, and a MA in South Asian Languagues from The University of Chicago. For more information, please reach out to me at shuyanh2@illinois.edu or michaelhuangshuyan@outlook.com.


Jun 2023: I am going to Pakistan for an one-month research trip from June 20 to July 20!
May 2023: Check out my models for sentiment classification and NER in Urdu and Hindi.
Apr 2023: I will start my PhD at UIUC in August!

Work in Progress

Working Paper: Using Syntactic Information to Automatically Extract Sources and Quotes from Hindi Texts with an Application to BBC Hindi News
Working Paper: Testing the Indexing Hypothesis outside of the US: Pakistani National Assembly Debates and News Coverage on CPEC from 2013 to 2023


The Making of the World of Espionage: A Brief Political Economic Analysis of the Popularization of Ibn-e-Safi’s jāsūsī Novels in 1950s Karachi
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Dataset for Major Literary Works Published in West Pakistan from 1947 to 1961

The New Constitution (Originally written in Urdu as Naya Qanoon by Saadat Hasan Manto and translated by Shuyan (Michael) Huang)

Foreigners Among Their Own Kinsmen-How Tibetan Catholic Communities Survive and Thrive in the Tibetan Regions Along the Yunnan-Tibetan Borders


Teaching Assistant: Star Wars and Religion (RLST28511), The University of Chicago, Spring 2023